11 Dec

Chilly In The Villages, Florida

A JHA Blue Jacket makes a happy appearance on Mrs. Zimmerman!

26 Nov


In December John Hall’s Alaska promoted  “TOYS FOR TOTS” and volunteered as a drop-off location for the toy donations. To encourage participation, for each toy donated, you were entered to win a night at the John Hall’s Alaska lodge and dinner at a Lake City restaurant. 

Toys for Tots was a great success! Many wonderful toys were brought in by the generous families of Lake City and so many children will have a Christmas because of it!

Here’s a pic of Lake City’s 3rd grade class donating to Toys for Tots!

Congratulations to Alicia Swinnerton of Lake City, MN! She was the lucky recipient of a free night stay at the John Hall’s Alaska Lodge and dinner in Lake City! 

Thank you again to all who participated!

26 Nov

Blue Jackets in Ireland!

Too bad they didn’t invite any of us to go along….

The Jackets Get To Have All of the Fun. 

15 Nov

JHA Supports Jared Allen’s Homes For Wounded Warriors

It was amazing to be a part of such a wonderful cause- helping those who fight for our country! Over $260,000 was raised at the Jared Allen Helping Heroes Gala held in Minneapolis, Minnesota last weekend!

Proceeds benefited Jared Allen’s Homes For Wounded Warriors, a charity focused on providing support to our veterans as they transition back into society. His organization was created for the sole purpose of raising money to build or modify the homes of America’s injured Military Veterans. They help to build or modify homes so that they are handicap accessible and comfortable for our wounded vets.

Jared Allen pictured with (back row) Elizabeth Hall, Amanda Bailey ~the president of Jared Allen’s Homes for Wounded Warriors~, Justin Harkins and (front row) Tory Walker , Josh Bull ~recipient of last year’s home makeover ~ )

Several Minnesota Vikings players were there to show their support. Christian Ponder, Adrian Peterson, and of course Jared Allen attended the dinner and auction.

Gary Allen played an array of country hits to round out the night.

John Hall’s Alaska contributed a few tour spots for the auction and we were very happy to see the bidding war that resulted!

(Elizabeth Hall with handsome date Justin Harkins) 

Please click on this link for more information on Jared Allen’s Homes for Wounded Warriors organization. 

31 Oct

2012 Animal Counts

This just in- final counts on how many guests saw animals  this past summer while on tour with us!

We keep track as a way to help guests know what to expect and also to get you excited about your tour-

Mt. McKinley – Obviously not an animal but 83% percent saw the entire mountain! (Industry average is only 30%!)

Moose – 100%  (Never had 100% before- WOW!)

Caribou – 96% (Also super high- great year for animal sightings!)

Dall Sheep – 100%

Bear – 100% (Never had 100% see bear either!)

Wolf – 50% (Last year’s average was 35% so another big increase!)

Our Kantishna Wildlife Tour in Denali National Park (which we include on all tour itineraries) is the real reason for so many animal sightings.  Just going the 40 miles beyond where the Tundra Wilderness Tour stops affords guests about 40% more animal viewing opportunities.

We also dedicate extended time, deep in the park and a night at Talkeetna, for viewing Mt. McKinley. One day and one night is simply not enough time to give yourself the chance to see Mt. McKinley in its entirety. Weather patterns put the mountain in partial cloud cover on most days in Alaska.


30 Oct

2012 JHA Tour Awards

As rated by 2012 John Hall’s Alaska tour guests! 

Best Overall Partner – Talkeetna Alaskan Lodge
Stay Here On Our: 19 Day National Parks20 Day Klondike Gold Rush15 Day Grand Slam Alaska 

Best Attraction – Alaska Railroad GoldStar
Experience GoldStar Rail Service On:  19 Day National Parks20 Day Klondike Gold Rush15 Day Grand Slam Alaska; 14 Day Denali Explorer


Highest Rated Breakfast – Finish Line at Alpine Lodge
Guests See This On: ALL TOURS!

Highest Rated Lunch – Simon and Seaforts
Dine Here On: 23 Day Fall Colors; 19 Day National Parks; 20 Day Klondike Gold Rush; 15 Day Grand Slam Alaska

Highest Rated Dinner – Parks 229
Dine Here On: 14 Day Denali Explorer; 23 Day Fall Colors Tour


Best Alaskan Experience – Trail Breakers Kennels
Guests See This On: ALL TOURS!


Best Remote Lodge Experience – Ma Johnson’s
Stay Here On Our : 19 Day National Park’s Tour


Thank you to our special partners who continuously strive to bring a rich and fantastic experience to our guests!

29 Oct

Daily Sun Spotted Again!

This time, John Hall Sr, new resident to The Villages, was in tow.

So that’s where he’s been hiding!

23 Oct

Outhouses of the North

This may be the strangest post on this blog so far…

The north is known for a lot of things but outhouses???? One of our 2012 guests sent us these photos taken as he journeyed through Alaska and the Yukon Territories. His pictures were so unique, we felt obliged to share them with you.

So…here you go…

We present to you: “OUTHOUSES OF THE NORTH!”

Outhouse seen on the Riverboat Discovery tour in Fairbanks, Alaska. After enjoying a cruise down the Chena and Tanana Rivers aboard the paddle wheeler Discovery, guests explore a Chena Indian Village where they will learn about native traditions and customs for making it through harsh Alaskan winters.

Outhouse on the property of the historic Braeburn Lodge – At mile 55, Klondike Highway, one hour from Whitehorse and six hours from Dawson in the Yukon Territories. The Braeburn Lodge is famous for its tasty, monster cinnamon buns, and serves as a stop on the Yukon Quest sled dog race.

Outhouse located in Chicken, Alaska (population 11). The town of Chicken was once the mining hub for the Fortymile district. In 1886, ten years before the Klondike Gold Rush, gold was discovered on Franklin Creek and the community of Chicken was founded.

As the story goes, the miners wanted to name the town ‘Ptarmigan’ after the bird which is common in the area. Unfortunately, people couldn’t agree on how to spell it! Finally they settled with the easier name of Chicken.

Outhouse located just across the Yukon Border from Alaska. Obviously this location was chosen for its extraordinary views. Who wouldn’t want to stop here? Though, the place does look a bit drafty.

Outhouse in Denali National Park along the Denali Park Road. A great little stop if you can get the bears, moose, Dall sheep, caribou and wolves out of the bathroom.

Outhouse located by the Moose Creek Lodge. One of the best-known roadhouses in the North, this lodge is located between Whitehorse and Dawson City in the Yukon Territories. Deep in the boreal forest, the Moose Creek Lodge is a haven for weary travelers as well as those looking for relief!

This outhouse is located just inside Alaska as you cross over the border from Yukon Territory. Nice view of the valley below…

The last photo isn’t actually an outhouse, although there are usable outhouses at that same pullover. It’s an old sod roof cabin and is located on the Top of the World Highway on the Canadian side of the border.

Thanks to Mike and Lyn for giving us one more thing to appreciate about the Great North! Let’s end this photo tour with a quick poem of appreciation -

"Forgotten, lonely
Here I stand.
Unused by 
Any man.
Fancy plumbing 
Edged me out!
But it will fail
Without a doubt!
Then, once again,
As in days of yore,
They'll beat a path 
Straight to my door!"
22 Oct

Anderson House Hotel- Wabasha, MN

Thought you might like to see what kind of business John Hall Sr was running when he started John Hall’s Alaska. Enjoy!

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Sponsor a Hero!

Sponsor a Hero!

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The 2014 John Hall's Alaska Awards - Guest Rated!

The 2014 John Hall’s Alaska Awards – Guest Rated!

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