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  1. Just returned from our fabulous Alaskan Journey. We had the time of our lives ! Special THANK YOU goes to our tour guide, Caryn McElroy, who made it her main objective to make sure we experienced Alaska & the Yukon by sincerely creating the most incredible memories ~ We enjoyed all the folklore, the videos, and all her information that helped us to learn the rich history of the area. “Oh sweet Alaska, the mountains are calling me home…..”


    1. This comment is our exact thoughts about our 14-day tour and cruise. Caryn was our “motorcoach” driver and tour guide. She is AMAZING and we will never forget the land portion of our trip with great credit for these memories to Caryn along with all the wonderful folks on the tour with us.

      Not taking anything away from the cruise, now, for it was a very pleasant experience. And, our cruise manager, Phillip, did a great job making sure we had everything we needed and were where we needed to be, etc. The walking tour of Juneau, incuding the tour of the capitol building, was pretty enjoyable, too.

      We recommend JOHN HALL or KISSALASKA.COM to everyone who voices an interest in going to Alaska. We are so glad we went this route.


      1. Thank you Patti! We are so pleased that you had a great time!


    2. Thank you JoAnn and Steven! We will pass on your kind words to Caryn. Thank you for commenting on your tour. Glad you had a great vacation!


  2. We enjoyed ourselves so much in July we were on the 15 day tour; our guide was very knowledgeable amd entertaining. ALASKA was so much more than we expected we were pleasantly surprised what a beautiful state. McKinley at her finest from bottom to top what a elegant lady and we got to see her at her best. THANK YOU John Hall
    Phil and Nancy Darrow


  3. Do you have informational meetings in Minnesota? If so, when are they. A group of friends are interested in an Alaskan cruise in 8/12. Thanks


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