Salmon Cocktail Anyone?

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This world is full of funny stories and whacked out ideas.

You know, those “News of the Weird” articles that are so bizarre you just couldn’t make them up?

Like the “Monkey Lady” story I read over the weekend- This women walks into a court house with a baby monkey in her blouse. She has the monkey dressed up in a little pink dress and calls it her child. The story ends with no arrests and a confused security guard who can’t understand why his supervisor expects the court house metal detector to identify baby monkeys. Read that story here.

(Photo Credit: Scott Marshall/Amherst New Era-Progress)

Though unrelated to Alaska, the story was so classic I just had to share.

This warm up brings me to my real headline.

Salmon Flavored Vodka!

Alaska has a new headliner on the block. Founded in 2005 and located in the foothills of the Alaska Range, the Alaska Distillery has been cranking out gins and flavored vodkas for a few years now. Their biggest seller, Permafrost Vodka being their most well known product until recently.

In 2010, the Alaska Distillery put themselves on the map for their unusual Smoked Salmon flavored vodka. Sold locally and shipped to the lower 48 states where allowable, this rare concoction has cocktail enthusiasts both curious and amused. In fact, it took the owners at least 50 tries to get the brew just right.

Apparently its smokey, spicey flavor makes for a one-of-a-kind Bloody Mary. Anchorage’s Bear Tooth Grill has capitalized upon the idea by offering a “Chipotle Bloody Mary” made with this surprising spirit.

To order your very own smoked salmon vodka, visit the Alaska Distillery’s website




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