Behind The Windshield

Winter Tours!

Here in Alaska, spring has jumped into high gear. Not so much regarding weather, but our love of all things outdoors. Things started off with the Yukon Quest where our […]

We are proud to announce the introduction of Celebrity Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean International. WOW! We are as excited as our guests in response to our earlier announcement of this change. So, buckle up, and bring an appetite for we sail anew!

Summer is Here!

The drive down from Fairbanks to Anchorage, gave us the opportunity to peek in at Denali, and other facilities along the way (seems we weren’t the only busy bees). The snow from winter was still stacked up high beside the highway, but it was apparent, spring was coming in fast.

Skagway Day Trip'in

From Whitehorse to Dawson City, the easiest way was by steamboat along the mighty Yukon River. Five Finger Rapids -one of the most dangerous areas for steamboats to navigate